of Evangelical Christian Church

Evangelical Christian Church is a community founded by the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration on 17th February 2006. It gathers believers all over Poland. Its members come from different communities and religious groups that developed at churches, e.g. Catholic Charismatic Renewal, the Oasis Movement, the Neocatechumenate, independent groups and individual believers.

Evangelical Christian Church has got its own parishes, for instance in: Warsaw, Krakow, Wrocław, Katowice, Opole, Racibórz, Wodzisław Śląski, Żory and other cities.

Important events


The first prayer meeting with the believers who later formed Evangelical Christian Church (EKCh).


The first Christian summer camp (retreat) in Kadłub in the province Opole.


The great evangelization that lasted two months.


Persecution against believers raised by religious and political leaders.


Significant growth in the number of believers.


Official registration of Evangelical Christian Church (EKCh).


Along with the summer camp for adults the first camp for teenagers (juniors) started.


The beginnings of the great diversification of the Church into different parts of Poland.


Persecutions against the EKCh members in Racibórz.


A group of juniors got involved in the 30th World Youth Day in Krakow.


The new parish in Warsaw was established.

A decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration
about the entry in Church registration

Decision of The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration based on the legal article 34 law 1 from 17th May 1989 about freedom of faith and conscience (Law Gazette from 2005, no. 231, point 1965) and § 2(1), § 5 act 1, The ordinance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration from 31st March 1999 about registering churches or other religious associations (Law Gazette no. 38(374), after considering the entry proposal, register Evangelical Christian Church in Section A, as a church and a religious association in point 161.

Evangelical Christian Church | Os. Powstańców Śląskich,
Pawilon Usługowy nr 7/1, 44-240 Żory

Correspondence address: 44-240 Żory P.O. box 50

Evangelical Christian Church is registered in section A of the registered churches and other religious associations upon the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration at no. 161

NIP: 651-168-65-10, REGON: 240321600