Since gold is tested in the fire
Author: Ryszard

“Since gold is tested in the fire, and the chosen in the furnace of humiliation.”

After my conversion the above words were one of the first ones that the Lord said to me. They got deep into my heart. I didn’t know back then what they meant and how often I would turn back to them.

A few years ago I started to feel disorder with sensory stimuli in my legs. There were some changes in conduction velocity in some nerve fibres. Therefore, I went to the neurologist. That visit started quite a long period of diagnosis of my condition and research lasting over a year.

It was a very difficult time for me, time of falling and rising, time of fighting in prayer and giving up. Yet the worst was still before me. My doctor suspected multiple sclerosis and that’s why he decided to put me in a clinic to have more medical examinations done. To me it was almost like a death sentence. After several months of waiting for a place in the clinic I was finally admitted there. In my hospital room there were patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, each person at a different stage of the disease. I was terrified.

The biggest test in my life just started. For a few days I couldn’t even pray. I was reading the Bible, but I didn’t understand anything of it. I couldn’t break through the wall of unbelief, crisis and sadness. I wanted to give up. But after several days I regained the desire to fight. What I was reading in the Bible still didn’t reach my heart, but I started to recall the verses that I knew by heart, that were rooted and laid up in my heart. I repeated some of them in my thoughts hundreds of times (for example the above quote from Sirach 2,5). Thanks to that, my heart began to change. New faith appeared that there was still hope.

I realized that no matter what disease threatened me and what diagnosis I would hear, my life still depended on Jesus. The medical examinations neither confirmed nor excluded SM. As I was leaving the clinic the awareness that my life depended on Jesus was even stronger. This experience was like fire that tested me. Six years passed from that time. I live a normal life, I can move freely and all the ailments are gone. Praise God!

The Holy Spirit broadens your horizons
Author: Ola

If you tell Jesus about your dreams, watch out! He may like them and make them happen, together with you. It will be the beginning of hard work, fight for faith but you will experience miracles along the way so that you don’t give up until you reach the goal. This was exactly my case.

When I was in high school, I did not manage to pass my A-level exams. Math was the obstacle I could not overcome. There were two exams in my school: the general A-level exam and a diploma exam confirming vocational qualifications. I passed the latter one with grade B+. Since I had the qualifications, I could take up a job in my field. Time passed, but the complex of not passing A-level exams grew in me. I felt worse than other people. I started to believe that my life is all about daily, mundane activities. On top of that, my health was getting worse. I felt like I was trapped and I could not see any way out. When I was 28, I heard about Jesus from a friendly colleague. I accepted Christ as my Saviour and I followed Him. First, I experienced God’s healing and there were more to come. Because I was healthy, I began to dream about further education. The thought about film school was dismissed. An unattainable thought about a diploma at Jagiellonian University in Krakow appeared in my heart. But me – a girl without A-levels? I was hiding this thought even from myself.

More and more people encouraged me to learn. In my heart, I was timidly considering whether to accept this challenge and ask Jesus about His opinion. Finally, I asked Him. The words from Isaiah 54,2-4 were like a sunrise. The Holy Spirit spurred me on to look at God’s brave, broad and endless possibilities, not at mine. Without further ado and without special preparations, I signed up for the A-level exams. Jesus warned me to wait and prepare, since I already had a big gap in my education. I was rash and disobedient and I made a mistake. Once again, I did not pass the exam. I was really ashamed.

Time went by. I was learning God’s broad thinking and relying on faith in different areas of my life. I could “run through a troop and by my God I could leap a wall” (Psalm 18,30). In this way, Jesus led me to my next A-level exam. When the principal of the school heard about my failures in mathematics, she decided to help me. She asked teachers from other schools to form an examination board from biology. This was the first biology exam in this high school. It was time to learn. I passed the A-level exam with grades A and B. When I was receiving my certificate in the auditorium, the principal called out my name and presented me as an example of a diligent student, worthy of being followed. I am mentioning this story to give praise to the Lord because He knows how often I almost gave up on learning because I was tired. But the Holy Spirit encouraged me not to give up.

Just after the exams I applied to college. I wrote my BA thesis guided by a professor whom nobody wanted as a supervisor. I did not want him either but Jesus did. My diploma thesis was graded A+. The paper was distinguished by the mayor of the city where the college was situated and for the next 3 years it was on students’ reading list as obligatory set book. It was all thanks to Jesus and the professor He had chosen for me. After the exams, I had a year off from school to develop in different areas. I stopped thinking about the Jagiellonian University in Krakow because it was far away, whereas the University of Silesia in Katowice was closer – I made a reasonable decision. I knew I had to apply for MA graduate studies.

I had my exam scheduled for the second part of June. I prepared the documents. For over a month I was not able the reach the University to submit the documents, which was the necessary to be admitted for the entrance exam. Everything seemed to be against me. I was about to break down. The exam took place, but I wasn’t there. I was devastated – I did not understand what had happened. I finally came to terms with it. Two or three weeks have passed and it was the middle of July. I woke up early in the morning and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. He really likes early mornings. I heard Him in my heart: “It is supposed to be Krakow” and I knew what He meant. I called the University on the same day and received information about the enrolment procedures in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Jagiellonian University Medical College. The exam was scheduled for the 9th of September. I was writing it in a huge auditorium in the biochemistry department. Out of all the seats there, the examiners chose one for me with an engraved inscription on the top of an old, wooden desk – it said “Jesus”. I was “destined” to get in. The years ahead were hard but beautiful.

My MA thesis was distinguished and honoured because of the topic I was writing about. It was presented at the International Training Conference in Krakow “100 Years of Nursing in Poland”. PRAISE THE LORD! People I worked with were envious of “my” successes. I was blocked to continue my education and get a specialty training, which would entitle me to remain in the job at my previous workplace. Over time, it turned out it was all God’s plan. Jesus prompted me not to waste time and led me to the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia in Katowice. The diploma I had received from the Jagiellonian University was the entrance card to study “Healthcare Law”. I draw upon this knowledge in my current job and in different areas too. Last year, after having worked for 29 years with children, I changed my job and the nature of my work.

In my current position I am free to spread the Gospel, which has always been my dream and the subject of my prayers to the Father. After three months in my new job, where I learn everything from scratch, I got a proposition to apply for a two-year specialty exam. The cost of which is about 4-5 thousand PLN. But it was free for the first 25 people who got the highest exam result. The money was granted by the Ministry of Health. I am one of those 25 people. The specialty ends with an official exam in Warsaw.

This is the situation for the time being. My Lord does not faint, nor is He weary. He gives power to the faint... Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles (Isaiah 40). I do not know where the wings of Jesus will take me but I think it is going to be an interesting flight. THINK WIDE because “the river of God’s grace is wide”.

He set me free from addictions!
Author: Andrzej

I would like to describe how Jesus changed my life. A couple of years ago I lived quite a differently than now. I was in high school and I liked a very chilled out way of life.

I started to drink more and more alcohol, smoke cigarettes, I read decadent literature, I started to listen to rock music, I took drugs like heroine or hash. I lived that way for several years and it led me to depression and drug addiction. I was completely lost, and I started to look for help among the therapists or psychologists, as they deal with addicted people. Unfortunately all my efforts were useless.

One day, it was spring, I met an old schoolmate, from high school. Darek told me an amazing story, that his life was as lost as mine, and it was changed by Jesus Christ, who made him a free man. When he finished his story, I knew I also wanted to have a life like the one Darek was talking about. I was dreaming about being a free man, finding a sense of life, joy of every single day in my life. I was happy to hear that Jesus Christ is a real person today. Soon after our meeting, I invited Jesus in a very simple way, I asked Him to fill my life, to make me free from my addictions. All of them!

Jesus heard my prayer and thanks to Him I started a new life, with His leadership. Today Jesus is my closest friend. I am extremely happy when I can see how Jesus acts in my life. Praise the Lord!

He loves me
Author: Krzysztof

I want to describe my life shortly to prove the existence of the person that you can meet now. My name is Krzysztof. My life wasn’t rich or happy enough to be satisfied of it. I am the kind of person who finds it difficult to display feelings but I am also a tender person.

I don’t have good memories from my primary school. I didn’t do well. At the age of 12 I was a fat teenager, not as fit as my mates. That’s why I was rejected by them. From my point of view I was a normal well-built boy. Having been often teased during PE lessons, I started to retreat into myself. I thought I was all right and everyone else was wrong. I was trembling when I was talking to others, I had no confidence at all. I couldn’t defend my opinions, I reacted with anger against teasing. When I was with a group of people I often stood aside, I didn’t say a word being sure that nobody cares of what I think.

And so it was. In year eight I started to grow fast and I was no longer fat. However, there was still a trail of harm left. My close mates teased me so many times that I often wondered why I stuck with them. Then I started secondary school. Along with it discos, alcohol and problems with studying started. I began to look for some purpose in my life. A friend took me to the gym, where I met many well-built boys. I got involved in bodybuilding. I stopped drinking alcohol, my former companions left me. I was totally into sport. My talks, thoughts, diet were bodybuilding oriented. My life style was completely changed. The desire to lift heavier weights, having muscles, becoming similar to magazine idols absorbed me. During trainings I was all out, sometimes I was dizzy with exhaustion. Yet I saw my body change, bodybuilding satisfied me completely. But still I wasn’t happy as I didn’t have a true friend.

I never talked frankly to my parents, usually when they asked me „How are you?” I said “I’m fine”. I had lots of negative thoughts about myself. When I fell in love I wasn’t brave enough to talk honestly to the girl as I was sure I would fail. I could be happy only in my thoughts and my dreams. As I was entering the adult age I had no purpose in my life.

Today my life looks completely different from what I expected. I graduated from university, I work as a teacher at school with teenagers. I have a wonderful wife, the one I could only dream about in the past. I started to look at myself in a different way. I know my values, I am able to receive love and give it. I have wonderful friends who I can joke with and talk to about any issue. I know I can count on them in difficult moments. In my heart there isn’t any fear of death which threatened me earlier.

It all happened thanks to one person, it wasn’t by accident. At the very moment when I didn’t believe that my life could be happy and when all the problems fell on me, I received help from Jesus Christ. Someone told me about Jesus, who is alive, acts and is interested in my life. I have always believed in God, but I never experienced Him, I didn’t know Him personally. I decided to turn to Him for help. In a short prayer I told Him that I wanted to know Him. I invited Him to my life to be my Lord. I gained will to live and I gained joy in my heart. I could trust other people again. I got courage to develop relationships with other people. At university I didn’t cheat during exams what I used to do in secondary school. I could easily learn a lot. It is Jesus who is the closest to me. He loves me just as I am.

Following Him is something that gives me joy and meaning in my life. Jesus said: “He who comes to me I will in no way throw out.” (John 6,36).

The Lord sees your heart
Author: Aśka

„…for The Lord sees not as man sees, for man looks on the outward appearance , but the Lord looks on the heart.” I Samuel 16, 7B

When I was looking at some patients in our hospital ward, I saw a very sick woman. She suffered from a disseminated cancer process, she had a stroke and some lesions of disease on her skin. When I was taking care about her as a nurse, she groaned with pain, but she never complained.

Her attitude towards her problem really moved me. I started to pray, to beg the Lord to relieve her pain. The Holy Spirit encouraged me to tell her the Gospel. At first I rejected that idea, I thought it was a nonsense because the woman had problems with speaking, too. When I came back home I told my friend about it. She said : “You can try, for sure it can’t make the situation worse.”

When I was at work again, the Holy Spirit reminded me about that. I approached the woman to give her some evening medicaments and God’s idea came to my mind: “Before you give her the medicaments pray with her”. I asked her if she wanted to invite Jesus into her heart, to give Him her heart, to surrender her sickness to Him. She answered: “Yes”.

In the beginning she was repeating every single word after me, then she started to pray with her own words. We didn’t disturb the prayer. When we finished, the woman grabbed my hand and said: “I’m sorry..., but I with my heart..., with my heart”.

I am very grateful to Jesus for that, the woman gave her heart to Him and God heard my prayer. The incredible thing was that the very tough wounds on her body were healed. Praise The Lord!


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